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Restore your quality of life. Experience emotional peace and physical wellbeing. Feel like yourself again.

Who We Help

Pain Relief

Recover from injury or illness. Enjoy pain-free movement, natural function, and good energy. Restore strength and physical health.

Stress Relief

Relax and increase natural good mood. Have fewer "off" days. Regain natural resilience to stress. Enjoy feeling at ease in yourself.

Quality of Life

Restore your energy & health. Heal long-term problems by addressing the individual root cause of imbalance.

Heal naturally, increase energy and quality of life

1 Discover the Root Cause 2 Uncover Blockages 3 Get a Personal Action Plan

The Process

The Whole Person Approach:

Because you are a unique, you need an individualized approach to your care. Rather than only treating symptoms, we work on the root cause of why you've developed your condition. By understanding your unique situation, we work together to design a personalized approach to your health and wellness and help you get and stay healthy with the seasons.

What Clients Are Saying

My Clinic

I'm located in Lafayette and serve the local Boulder and Denver community.

Integrative Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a highly effective therapy for healing acute and chronic problems when medications and surgery have failed or aren't good options.

How Treatment Works

Acupuncture releases blockages throughout your body which causes fresh blood to circulate to sites of injury. Signals travel to your brain triggering your body's natural ability to heal.

About Michael

I'm a Licensed Acupuncturist specializing in Pain Relief and Emotional Wellbeing. I'm highly trained by top clinicians and nationally certified in Acupuncture.

  • During Our Intake

    During Our Intake

    Discover the root cause of your condition. Uncover hidden blockages. Get a personal action plan. Have questions?

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  • Heal Naturally

    Heal Naturally

    We address the individual root cause of health problems. Acupuncture is simple, drug free and effective.

    Who We Treat

  • Relieve Pain & Stress

    Relieve Pain & Stress

    Get relief from pain and stress symptoms by treating the root cause of health problems.

    Who We Treat

  • You're Unique

    You're Unique

    Get the personalized time and attention you need and deserve. Our care is highly personalized and comprehensive.

    The Difference

Top Benefits Over Modern Public Health

Reduce Drugs

Avoid Surgery

Reduce Visits

Natural Internal Medicine

  • Heal conditions naturally
  • Relieve side effects of medications

Acupuncture can effectively treating physical, mental, emotional distress at the individual level of imbalance. This can help you reduce dependence on medications, and feel better naturally.

Avoid Surgical Trauma

  • Heal or prevent surgery
  • Reduce dependence on medications

Acupuncture is an effective therapy for healing acute and chronic pain problems when medications and surgery have failed or aren't good options. This can help you heal naturally, without medication side effects.

Natural Primary Care

  • Reduce the need for frequent doctor visits
  • Have fewer "off" days
  • Get personalized care

Acupuncture is effective at treating chemical, neurological and endocrine imbalances at the root of the problem. Rather than suppressing the immune system, we balance and stimulate it. This often leads to better function, tissue regeneration and healing over stand-alone drug therapy or surgical options alone.

Reduce dependence on surgery and medications

Heal the individual root cause of your condition

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Top Lifestyle Benefits

Heal this

Regain good health

  • Feel more at ease in your body
  • Move, stand or sit more easily
  • Relieve pain and stress

Acupuncture can helps you feel better when moving, working, or resting. It can also restore your energy and stamina. When you feel more comfortable in your body you naturally do many things better.

Feel good

Enjoy your free time again

  • Regain a natural good mood
  • Feel more rested & energized
  • Naturally have more fun

Acupuncture allows you to enjoy your free time more by resolving individual causes of pain, physical illness, tension or stress. It simply allows you to feel healthier and more like yourself.

Play more

Perform better

  • Gain renewed flexibility
  • Gain optimal performance
  • Regain your edge

Acupuncture reduces pain, flexibility and movement problems. Better overall performance allows you to naturally be the best at whatever you love to do.

Have more energy and more fun

Change your life with Acupuncture

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Healthcare Centered Around You

Truly Personalized

You're designed a unique way. Because you are a unique, your healthcare must be designed around you.

Have you ever wondered why you develop the personal conditions that you do? We diagnose and treat the individual root cause of health problems and help restore your uniquely vibrant health and natural wellbeing.

Immediate Benefits

Individualized treatment not only addresses the root cause, but can often relieves symptoms quickly.

Acupuncture has helped millions of people in the U.S. and Europe achieve renewed health. It's simple, drug free and effective. It may help you eliminate pain, restore function, motivation or energy. It restores balance and can makes life challenges feel physically and emotionally easier.

Comprehensive Results

By discovering and treating the root cause of problems, many major and minor conditions resolve simultaneously.

With many approaches, symptoms often come back. Instead of treating conditions, we treat the individual having the condition. This helps restore your health by treating the individual root cause of health problems.

Get the quality personalized care you deserve

Change your life with Acupuncture

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